A website's whole purpose is to turn visitors into customers.

Your website needs to easily explain how you make the customer's life easier.

People don't visit your company website to learn about how great you are.
They want to see if you can solve their problem.


So what are your prospects seeking?

What do they need? What are they concerned about? How can they be reassured?
Help your customers through a website designed to make purchasing easy.


We build websites that convert. Websites that are sales tools.

That's our solution to solve your problem (of needing online sales.)
Keep reading to discover our 7 Rules of Effective Websites.

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7 rules of effective websites.

Conversions come when these simple seven rules are followed.
Website Design Rule 1: Make it simple and clear

Rule #1: Make it simple and clear

What do you do better than anyone else? Your website needs to immediately lead with clearly stating the problem you solve.

Rule #2: It has to be easy to navigate

People get impatient quickly. Every page on your website needs to serve a purpose. If a page doesn't help you convert, then you don't need that page.
Website Design Rule #2: It has to be easy to navigate
Website Design Rule #3: Answer visitor questions

Rule #3: Answer visitor questions

Every visitor to your site has unanswered questions they want to resolve. It's your website's job to anticipate these and answer them in a way that removes any chance of hesitation or indecision.

Rule #4: Be useful

You're competing with the rest of the internet for your visitor's attention. The content you provide has to be informative, interesting, and educational. Don't waste time or take their attention for granted. 
Website Design Rule #4: Be useful
Website Design Rule #5: Make it a pleasant experience

Rule #5: Make it a pleasant experience

The UX (User Experience) of your site is more than just aesthetic design. You need to make the whole experience satisfying, useful, easy, and smooth.

Rule #6: Base it on a trusted platform

Small issues with your website can easily cause a loss in customer conversion. We develop with WordPress. It's stable. It's flexible. It's the trusted website platform of 30% of websites worldwide, including big players like Beyonce, Sony, Time Inc. and Mercedes Benz. 
Website Design Rule #6: Base it on a trusted platform
Website Design Rule #7: ABC (Always Be Converting)

Rule #7: ABC (Always Be Converting)

This doesn't mean pestering your audience to buy constantly. It means developing quality content, engaging with your audience, and continually solving the problems of your prospects in better ways. Everything needs to be supporting and optimising towards this customer-centric goal.
Case Study: SugarGum Website
"Amazing work with SugarGum!!! What a fantastic result and huge win for our business – thanks for your support with it!"

Catherine Holtzheimer

Group Marketing Manager
Ventura Home Group

Case Study: SugarGum Estate


SugarGum Estate, based in Kiara, is a residential estate located close to the Perth CBD and the Swan Valley.


Diginomic to create a website that would generate leads for land sales and house-and-land packages over a 12 month period.

Our Result:

All SugarGum Estate blocks 100% sold out in under 3 months.

Pricing for website services.

Get yourself a website that has purpose.

We design and develop a solution that converts your visitors into customers.

Conversion is the only goal of our website designs.

Website Design and Development

Expect between the range of
$ 4k - 7k
Depends on size and complexity
You get a WordPress website that is designed from the ground-up to appeal to your target audience's motivations.

We'll develop a site for you that is secure, easy-to-edit, clean, and attractive. 

Perfect for small businesses, it will look just as good in mobile or tablet as desktop.
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Advanced Website Design and Development

Expect between the range of
$ 7k - 20k
Depends on size/complexity/requirements/features
Advanced websites need features "above and beyond" what a normal site might require.

This could include functionality or features like:

Copywriting, eCommerce, Learning Management System (LMS), Multiple Languages, Business Directory Listings, custom integrations or something else.
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Something Else

Contact us to tell us what you need
Price varies depending on requirements
Not every website development job is as cleancut as a "new website" or "hosting".

Perhaps you need a custom solution. Or your existing website needs to be updated or managed over time.

We can do custom work, or ongoing retainer engagements.
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