Sales funnels to attract & convert.

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Harness the power of Facebook ads.

Our Facebook Sales Funnels framework is designed to get you conversions.

It works particularly well for three types of campaign promotions...
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1. Lead Generation

Grow or develop your pipeline with a pool of qualified prospects.

2. Remarketing

Re-engage your warm prospects before they cool off.

3. Sales Offers

Attract new business with an eye-catching offer they can't ignore.

How it works.

A very basic outline of our Facebook Sales Funnel framework is below.

Define the offer and audience

This is where we fully understand the foundation of your campaign, your target audience, your offer, and your budget.

The goal of this step is to know exactly who we're targeting, with what messaging, and the Cost Per Lead target to aim towards.

Develop persuasive advertising

Based on the previous step, we now build out advertising messages that are designed to meet a need of your target audience segment.

We craft compelling messages that speak to their needs, fears, concerns, or dreams.

The goal is to catch the attention of someone who is a cold lead that would be a likely candidate as a future customer.

Provide genuine value

We work with you to create content that offers genuine value to your audience, housed on your website. It could be a blog post or a video. 

This isn't sales-focused content. It's purpose is providing real value to your audience in terms of either entertainment or information.

The goal of this is to warm the prospect up, so they are more receptive to sales messaging.

Re-engage with retargeting

We retarget those who engaged with your earlier content with new messaging that is more sales focused.

The goal of this is to encourage warm leads towards a landing page designed to make a sales ask.

Direct towards a landing page

The moment of truth! This is the point of the journey where we make a sales-ask from the prospect.

We send people to a dedicated landing page designed to capture the conversion (lead, claim sales offer).

This page answers any possible objections or concerns and has a single conversion purpose.

Re-connect as needed

For those still not converting, we utilise unique strategies to re-engage.

This gives you an additional chance to convert them into a sale (or learn about hidden hesitations to optimise your funnel.)

Pricing for Facebook funnel ads.

We work with you to create an effective sales funnel for your primary target audience. 

We optimise this sales funnel over time with additional messaging and new audiences.

FB Business Manager + FB Pixel Setup

Starting from
$ 799
 Requires client cooperation for access
Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Pixel are two tools promoted by Facebook that let you take advantage of the advertising capabilities of the platform.

We'll set these up so your site is able to track and record interactions through Facebook campaigns correctly. 

You get setup the right way for Facebook ads and all tracking.
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FB Sales Funnel Campaign

Starting from
$ 1199
/ month
Plus one-off setup fee. Doesn't include ad spend
This starts you up with a Facebook sales funnel designed to attract your target audience and convince them to convert.

It involves audience creation,  copywriting, landing page development, ad creation, tracking, and ongoing optimisation.

We need your cooperation to develop content.
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