Get analytics that matter.

Abraham Lincoln was said to have declared, "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."

Now we haven't worked with many Presidents or lumberjacks, but business representatives we meet are often tired from swinging their blunt tools.

Chopping out new campaigns and hacking through "gut feel" website refreshes.

Wasting time, energy, and momentum.

Analytics is how you sharpen your axe.

Learn exactly who is using your site and how. Find out where they are having trouble. Highlight profitable paths and pages that convert. Know what's working and why.

Get your analytics razor sharp.

Get what you need to make your marketing budget matter.

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Hold your current digital agency to account.

Diginomic Deep Dive Analytics Audit

As a decision-maker, you should know...

What minor actions on your site people take in the leadup to a sale

Which means you can:

Optimise your site so more people can do these key actions.

So you can:

Open up profitable website flow paths for your website visitors.

The relative value of every one of your website visitors in terms of quality

Which means you can:

Identify your best traffic and grow that campaign or channel.

So you can:

Drastically increase efficiency in your marketing spend.

Who your highly qualified visitors are who haven't yet converted

Which means you can:

Retarget your hottest prospects with timely sales messages.

So you can:

Confidently invest in content and ads to reconnect with your best audiences.
All of this is possible with the right Google Analytics setup. 

Move beyond reporting on "Time on Site" and "Bounce Rate". Make Google Analytics track the things that matter. 

Our ideal analytics process.

Here's how we get you the info you need to make confident decisions.


Discover the lay of the land with an Analytics Audit.


Determine the goals and events you need to measure.


Implement these goals and events via GA and GTM.


Get the right data, presented in a clear and simple way.

Understand your website users in a whole new way with FullStory.

Pricing for analytics services.

The quality of your decision-making is only as good as the quality of your data.

Get relevant insights faster with quality data through Riaz and Adam at Diginomic.

Google Services Setup

Starting from
$ 799
New setups only
If you're launching a new site, get your data correct and accurate from day 1.

We ensure your Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Search Console are set up correctly. 

This means installation and testing - but also additional filters, basic event tracking, goals, and exclusions are all included along with a starter license of FullStory.
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Analytics Audit (200+ Checks)

Starting from
$ 3799
Price dependent on site size
This is not an automated report.

Get a ridiculously thorough insight into your site and analytics setup with our Analytics Audit with 200+ manual checks.

We cover tracking code, configuration, data integrity, measurement, conversions, account linking and much more.

You'll have total analytics visibility.
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Something Else

Contact us to find out more
Price varies depending on requirements
Not every analytics service fits in a neat box. 

If you require something specific in regards to tracking, tagging, measurement plans, or dashboard creation, then let us know.

We can do custom work, or ongoing retainer engagements. 

Whatever you need to make your data work for you.
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