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Australians are some of the most active social media users in the world.

More than half of Australia logs onto social media at least once a day. What started out as a platform for people to share photos of friends and family, has evolved to become much more for savvy businesses.

74% of shoppers make buying decisions influenced by social media. (Source)

Find your perfect customers and target them at the perfect time. 

Can you afford not to be targeting exactly the right people for your business?

3 Tips for Gr8 Social ADs 

Tip 1: Know your business objective

Knowing what you want to achieve with your ads is key for choosing the right social platform and the right advertising mix.

Your business objective drives the look, tone and feel of your ads – and lets you know clearly if they’re successful.

Tip 2: Know your target audience

The ability to segment and target ad campaigns is one of the key benefits of social advertising.

This is where audience personas can help. When you know your customer segments you are better placed to meet their needs.

Tip 3: Social ads are just one piece of the puzzle

The most effective ad in the world is only as good as the landing page it directs people towards.

Social advertising is excellent bait, but your landing page is the hook. An effective social campaign often requires an optimised destination.


‘Yes’ to social. What next?

Perfect! Ok, the first step is a chat to learn more about your advertising goals.

We need to thoroughly understand who your customers are, what they buy, and why. A common mistake people make with social advertising is to focus purely on metrics like click through rate (CTR) or engagement (likes, comments, shares). Don’t get us wrong these are important in their own way, but as supporting stats.

What really matters to you, as a business owner, is cost-effective conversions. You need a profitable sales funnel.

We’re not in the business of wasting our client’s money – if we work with you on a Social Advertising campaign then it needs to deliver where it counts.

We want to get you leads or sales at a price that delivers an effective ROI.

The fastest way that happens is us understanding exactly how Social Advertising can best work to deliver the results you need. If that sounds good to you, then Contact Us and let’s get talking.

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