Search Engine Optimisation

Organic Growth. Freaky results.

Every day there are 3.5 billion searches performed on Google.

Your customers are out there. They’re looking for exactly what your business provides. The challenge is standing out in the crowd. The competition in Google’s search results is fierce. But the benefits for those businesses who make it to Page 1 are awesome. 90.88% of all pages are invisible in Google. So how does a website get noticed? SEO.

SEO is proving to Google your page is the most relevant result for someone’s search.

Google determines this through a range of factors. How popular your site is, the content within your site, and who else links back to your page. By improving these factors, you rise up in Google’s results. The higher up you get, the more visibility your site gets in search result pages. The more visibility your site gets, the more leads you get.

It’s almost beautiful in a way, don’t you think?

SEO in a nutshell

Google ranks your site on 200+ ranking factors.

To do SEO right means finding where your site falls short and addressing these factors in order of priority.

No dark wizardry. No smoke and mirrors.

SEO is simply improving your site for both your users and Google. 

I want in. This sounds rad.

Doesn’t it just?

Ok, the first step is an Audit.

While admittedly nothing kills excitement quite like the word “Audit”, it’s an absolutely crucial part of any SEO plan.

Why? Because it gives us a gameplan. When we audit your site we look at everything.

It provides us with a prioritised set of tasks to take care of that:

  • Gets your site in tip-top shape technically
    So Googlebot is able to crawl it with ease and access all your pages.
  • Get the lowdown on your competitors
    So we can see what they’re doing and start making counterattacks.
  • Discover what search terms to target and why
    This means effort is put into the best “bang for buck” terms

We deliver a plan of action, then take care of it together.

Then we all get to enjoy watching everything important go up.

If that sounds good to you, then Contact Us and let’s talk.

Important stuff to know:

SEO is a longer term strategy that requires a certain level of commitment and cooperation. It’s not an overnight sugar hit. We expect results to begin to really show after 3-4 months as changes are picked up in Google.

Also, a word of warning – there are “Free Online SEO Audits” available, and plenty of absurdly cheap SEO plans. All we can say about these is that they are free and cheap for a reason.

Do SEO right and you keep your users and Google happy. Do SEO wrong and you might find yourself in all kinds of trouble.

Let’s talk

For something so important for business, SEO can be a minefield.

You want to do it right. The first step is reaching out for a chat. Obligation free.

Let’s get started on solving your problem, together.

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