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Hire a tech brain to solve digital puzzles

Digital consultancy services to solve your digital problems.

We’ve worked in digital for a combined 30+ years.

If you’ve got a digital challenge and you’re only seeing shrugs from your team, then perhaps it’s time you brought in Riaz and Adam to provide fresh insights to help.

A short chat might save you a lot of false starts.

We can help provide insights, solutions, and new ways of thinking that can help your digital, tech, or online projects become a rousing success.


What’s the difference between a digital agency and a digital consultancy?

You may wonder how a business owner decides between a digital consultant and a digital agency. Are they interchangeable?

Well, no. Not really. The main difference is this: Consultants see a need where agencies fill a need. You hire a consultant to identify and solve your problem. You hire an agency to implement a plan.

Diginomic is primarily a digital consultancy that specialises in optimisation and performance. Almost everything we do starts with a chat, an audit, and a report. We need all this to understand your challenge and suggest a unique solution.

How are you different to the ____ agency/consultancy?

So many reasons, all designed to deliver more value to our clients and make us feel better.

We deliver way more value

  • We don’t have traditional offices – we visit you, or we rent meeting spaces as required. This keeps overheads WAY down and allows us to deliver you a lot more value.
  • We use the best people for the job – our work is supported by specialists from Australia and worldwide. These are experts we’ve worked with before, who we know and trust.

We make the world better

  • We’re for the environment – we aim to be paperless. Our business cards are 100% recycled cotton T-shirts. Our proposals and invoices are all digital.
  • We (and you) give back – We donate a percentage of all revenue to the Fred Hollows Foundation. When you work with us, you help prevent avoidable blindness for Indigenous Australians.

We work with integrity

  • We’re experienced – We’re your partners in digital. Our perfect professional relationship is one of mutual respect. A partnership where we each capitalise on the others knowledge and skills.
  • We’re confident – We don’t lock you into 12month+ contracts because we don’t need to. Our work stands on its own without legal strong arming.

Are there hidden fees or surprises?

  • We provide you with a fixed-fee digital proposal before any work starts on your project. If project deliverables change, then we discuss and update the proposal.
  • We don’t charge project management fees. We never liked these fees when we were on the client side, so we got rid of them.
  • We recommend certain services are committed to for a fair timeframe to get results, but you aren’t legally obligated to continue for this full duration. It’s just a recommendation.

Are you the cheapest?

Nope – if that’s what you’re looking for you can roll the dice on an outsourced 3rd world specialist. It might even work out, but that’s your gamble.

We have a reputation built on quality work for a fair price. At the end of the day your online presence is how you present your business to the world.

Your business is important and requires investment, understanding, and respect – not the cheapest tools and shortcuts.

OK, but Who will I actually work with?

You’ll deal directly with us, Riaz and Adam. You won’t get handballed to a fresh-from-uni intern.

  • We’ve got 30+ years of combined digital experience
  • We’ve raised hundreds of thousands in revenue for HBF and Telethon Kids Institute.
  • We’ve managed nationwide advertising campaigns worth millions of dollars.
  • We’ve launched many websites and digital campaigns for all budgets.

And soon we look forward to working with you.

Let’s talk

We’ve helped businesses succeed online with Digital Consulting services.

We’re happy to talk to you about the challenge you’re facing, and what we recommend is the best approach. Obligation free.

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We're Diginomic

Digital consultants specialising in digital performance

Perth, Western Australia


A percentage of our revenue goes towards the Fred Hollows Foundation. When you work with us you help end avoidable blindness for Indigenous Australians.